Hall of Fame:

The MSA Hall of Fame honors and recognizes men and women who have made considerable contributions to and for the betterment of the Maryland sign industry.
Candidates must meet the following criteria to be considered:

          * Twenty (20) Years (minimum) in the Sign Industry
(i.e., sign company, sign supplier, manufacture’s representative for the sign
          * Involved with organizations that are directly related to the sign industry to help promote, educate, and advance the sign business.  (i.e., officer and/or member of the board of directors of MSA or ISA)
          * This individual must represent the Maryland sign industry in a professional manner by demonstrating a high level moral and ethical character and holding the sign industry to the highest standard.

Any member of MSA, including Board of Directors, can nominate a candidate for consideration.  All nominations will be qualified by the Board of Directors and voted upon accordingly.  The majority vote wins and the Inductee will be recognized at a future General Meeting. 

Recently Honored:

Inducted on January 16, 2014
John “Jack” Nethen
Howard Lohorn
Harry Leutner

Inducted on January 15, 2015
Harry “Flair” Belsinger
Bert Sommer
Bob Roseman

Inducted on January 21, 2016
Donald Kuebel
Gene Trapkin